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I get so tired of people who always come back with ‘just one more thing’. I had the fortune these last few months to experience that with a monstrous mistake that I made over 5 years ago. Lets call her, Renee.

She had an affair about 2 years after we were married. Stupid choice on her part.

Turns out almost 3 years later that during our relationship/marriage she was also kissing friends of friends at the parties that we would go to together. The pattern continued until its ultimate ending.

I loved you, you were meant to be part of my beautiful story. You were a disaster. The biggest waste of my time.


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Speaking and Reading Mandarin Chinese

I’ve been living in Shanghai for a few years now and am (painfully) slowly learning the language.

I am learning the ‘englishized’ version of the language because it is the most popular way to learn and after living here for a while have pretty much been overwhelmed with all but the simplest characters. This means that I am learning chinese through a latin-character approximation called Pinyin that uses similar sounds themselves rather than character recognition. What is becoming more apparent as I learn more about the language is just how much of an approximation Pinyin is itself.

Learning the language through conversation and sound only will be limiting as it  will not allow for reading. I am sort of resigned to this at this point due to the difficulty of reading the characters. During lessons though I am constantly coming across different characters

Why does it seem like there is such a great divide between speaking and writing chinese?

western vs eastern written language is much closer to the spoken colloquial terms than it is in China. never mind the 1000’s of characters to be learned and their unique subtleties or combinations in meaning.

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A request for those in my past and in my future.

Don’t hurt me when you go.

Leave me with an extra piece to be remembered by.

Thank me for what I give and forgive me when I failed.

I know we may only journey for some time together and then you won’t need me, but don’t forget me.

Help me too.

Give me enough attention to help me get by, be with me enough that I can bear the loneliness and love me more than anyone else so I can find peace.

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God is not the Answer…

God is not the answer.. God is not the one to answer all our problems. God needs us to love ourselves in a constructive way, otherwise the relationship with God becomes dependent on our constant bothering of him for his forgiveness… his forgiveness comes to us not because he needs to give, but because we can’t survive without it. Yes we are weak but we are also able to make decisions about life that affect us… this means we need to take responsibility for our body, our lives, our choices… “what the bleep” implies that we need to take responsibility for all the things that happen in our life… whether we appear to directly create them or through a combination of subconscious and conscious thoughts we become involved in these decisions on a quantum level… whatever that means.

This post is a lot further away now than when it was started. But then, life has moved on.

Honestly, I feel that I’m further from the answers than I have been before. But I think it is more important to ask questions and learn from them.

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Amazon Dev payout structure sucks.

I’ve been in the Amazon App market ecosystem for over a year now and have watched it expand to many new markets all over the world. Generously, they waived the $99 fee for having apps in their market and their process for app submission, while not the most efficient it was relatively easy to navigate. The focus of this article, and the frustration I have with Amazon at the moment only appeared a few months later and has me disgusted.

The app cost split is similar to all other major app stores with the publisher receiving 70% of payouts. What they don’t tell you as a foreign developer, I am unsure of whether this is the case for American based developers, you will get TAXED BY THE IRS an additional 30% of your part of the costs ON TOP of the initial 30/70 split. This means that to earn an initial payout of $100, Amazon needs to collect almost $200 from your store.

I have a few questions about this:
1. Why does amazon require tax to be collected from foreign individuals? The business structure can be designed to avoid these taxes as is demonstrated by Google, Airpush, Admob, Getjar, applovin, adfonic and Slideme just to name a few. With these companies a paypal address is all that is needed, or filling out the correct form (W-7 i think…)

2. Why do foreign devs need to get paid by cheque and not through using paypal, checkout or another payment alternative? The use of cheques to deliver payments is very outdated.

3. Why are the markets completely kept separate? This means currently at any time Amazon gets into a situation where they have collected up to $100 in each of the now 5 local markets they sell to. This is a disgusting situation to put the developer in, especially when the previous situation is also in play and tax is collected from each of those markets. This means that Amazon at one time can have up to $1000 of unpaid market income for each developer it owns.

Suddenly them waiving the $99 yearly membership fee seems more like an assuage of their guilty conscience.

Will I stay with them? As long as I can maintain positive flow.
Will I put further effort into the Amazon ecosystem? It’s not really worth my effort for such a reduced return.

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One year on the Android Market

My one year on the android market actually passed by about 2 months ago.

Things aren’t moving fast enough but I have a plan. I found a new website that sells apps. Lets see how this goes.

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Why am I scared to be vulnerable?

Why is it easier for me to share the truth with a total stranger than it is to count on my best friends for support?

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One month on the Android Market

It’s been just over a month now that I’ve been programming apps for the Android market. It has been so much fun, and not because I’ve made lots of money… I think that is still coming. It’s actually so much fun to see a project go from start to finish and watch it grow.

First the money… In my first month I made about $14. That includes about $4 in paid apps and about 22k ads served. It’s not amazing but i’m very excites to go from nothing to this.

My objective is to build a collection of apps fast. Mainly because I have not programmed before and have a lot of ideas about how to build a solid income in the app market. Also my goal is to subsidise and eventually replace my regular income with income online.

So, my plan so far has been to build some core technologies that can be put into a variety of situations quickly and will let me expand apps fast. This seems to be supported by my first month where I have been able to build my user base much faster with multiple apps then with any single app. This is evident through my ‘toolbox’collection, an embarrassingly simple group of apps which at least for the short term is generating some profit. The initial app took about 4 hours to program and each iteration takes under 2.

Once that step has been completed I am looking at how the apps are being accepted, mainly through looking at retention rates and income value and am now focusing on developing those that are most financially valuable to me. With this in mind, my toolbox collection will be put on hold, it seems to have found it’s niche even though each successive iteration gets less attention. Instead I have been focusing on one of the stepping stones to my bigger apps… with the release if my earlier apps all combining now to the release of the beginners massage course, my most involved application to date. It combines most of the elements from all of my previous apps but is also another stepping stone to the full massage course, a behemoth with over 40 lessons.

Instead this month I need to stop watching the stats so closely and focus on study and my next collection of apps… This one has got me rather excited. The goal is for me to release the first version by the end of this month.

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I just joined Kiva. Am rather excited

So, i was signing up to Kiva and discovered that they’re giving away $25 loans to new users. I hope you can get one and share the love. Nothing like giving away somebody else’s money.
When you sign up using my link then we can see each other’s loans.

Kiva is a micro financing organisation that makes loans of normally between $25 and $100 to people who have low risk/return business ideas mostly aimed at starting small businesses that can support a family. You won’t find any google-type companies here but the impact still helps communities in a big way.

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That’s a crap idea! or “What I learned to program my first app”

I find the greatest difficulty I have with having so many “great” ideas is following them through to completion. A few years ago my brother, Philip helped me to process which ideas offered the most potential. It basically followed these steps:

1. Shoot down all the positive aspects of the idea:

Find as many different ways that the idea can fail, guaranteed you won’t be able to think of all of them, but if you are able to get a substantial list you will have a bit more perspective on what is actually a do-able task. I’ve used pros/cons lists, SWAT analysis, Use cases and general brainstorming in a variety of mediums to eliminate some ideas that I thought really had potential.

2. Look at what is required to complete the ‘great’ ideas and figure out what you need to learn to achieve the project.

This answers questions such as;

  • Do I have the industry network/streamlined outsource access to suggest this idea and actually see results?
  • Do I have the skill set? What skills do I lack and how long will it take to learn them?
  • Does this idea fit into my future plans/goals?
  • What is the risk/reward of this project? -Be REALISTIC or failing that, be PESSIMISTIC
  • What is the estimated time frame required to complete this project? -If you are like me then you’ll always underestimate, but do this anyway… it will give you some sort of benchmark.
  • Where is my guru? -Who can help guide you through the learning required and the steps to implement this task?… I have Philip to thank for saving me many years of wasted effort. The internet can also be your guru, but be wary…. the internet is like Yoda: cryptic, misleading and written in bad english!

3. Which requires the shortest time frame to complete?

Pick that idea and see where it goes….

best of luck.
There are plenty of great ideas but not enough people to complete them.
An idea without action is worthless.

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