Dear Company. pt 1

My dream company: -community style. pt 1.

I love work that is flexible. I love, also, working on projects that I have a say in.

With that in mind I wanted to share some basic ideas about a company that I would like to work in.

step 1. no employees… well, as such. There would be no full-time employees within this business. People will instead be able to commit to a project as they see tasks come up.

step 2. profit sharing… there will be some overheads… but funds will be raised monthly and distributed monthly… that should help encourage contribution. People working on tasks will earn percentage points of profit for that month. There are many other sub ideas of this process… things like carrying project points into the next month as well as resting points the following year.

step 3. outsourcing… some things can be outsourced but all this is related to the community run company. Members of the community can vote to decide if a feature needs to be done inhouse or outsourced. Extra weighting can be given to members who have been involved for longer.

Considered Points:

Requires fast development to maintain value for employees.

Using Agile processes as a basis but using a lot of community-based decision making systems to run the project.

Pros: Freedom, freedom, freedom. Can’t work full-time this week? Cut down your hours. Maintain the contribution for the money that is being created.

Training would be self-directed. People contribute where they wish, and would learn and contribute at the same time.

Open source technology. Open source business…

Cons: high turnover of people coming to be involved.

quite a complex set of business issues to be waded through, in particular, contract management.

Product life development related to vision and community

The system can be ‘gamed’ and needs some advanced methods put in place to limit this possibility.

I’m never very good at thinking of ‘cons’ when I’m excited by an idea…

The next step of this company could be a sort of ‘public’ float. It seems that something like this already being done here

Feel free to contribute.


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