HTC Hero and its ups and downs

My wife just bought me a HTC Hero for my birthday. What a cool gift, right? Well, originally I was pretty seriously set on buying an Iphone but at the 11th hour the HTC Hero was released… It was cheaper and I’d read some good reviews about. The moment I fell in love was when I got to use one for the first time in a Vodaphone store at Hong Kong’s IFC. The HTC Sense User Interface is beautiful to look at and use, and unlike the Iphone, already this system is super customizable -without jailbreaking or any other sort of hack.

There are many great reviews about the HTC on the web which you can find, so I just wanted to share my piece about the Hero briefly.

Pros: Beautiful and CUSTOMIZABLE interface, there are other home systems like PandaHome available as well as the default google android and HTC Sense. The android market is starting to come into its own. There are slicker apps arriving on the scene for purchase and free access which will continue to add value to the phone and its android OS as time passes. It is also a sexy device… so many comments.

Cons: Internal memory seems to be filling up -and I’ve only had the device for 2 months. I think it has something to do with running the phone for a few days and the caching that takes place. Sometimes also the phone will slow down very badly… I’ve taken to being stricter on programs that hog resources. I do enjoy installing all sorts of apps to try out and so know that I am bringing some of this lag on myself. This is still something I am looking forward to improving as the programming of the apps gets better and lighter for the OS.

this is by far the best phone I have owned and I would recommend it for anyone who wants to see where the future of these devices is heading. Especially good if you like to mess with what your devices are capable of.


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