Why aren’t personal ethics more of an influencing factor in legal cases?

It seems that far to many people spend lots of time doing things that are ‘legal’ but that really aren’t ‘ethical’.

By ethical i mean choices made for the good of others. I would love to see ethics become a separate arm of the law that can help ensure people are always working for a greater good. With ethical standards that can be debated in a similar way that law is but that can still be enforceable. Too often it seems that the law fails when big money is involved.

I consider that having an authoritative body focused purely on enforcing the attitudes of people and not just the legalities would help discourage those who would flaunt the legal system.

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2 Responses to Why aren’t personal ethics more of an influencing factor in legal cases?

  1. insanity says:

    What other purpose should law serve other than to encourage ethical behaviour? In my opinion, the failure of law in enforcing ethical behaviour when money is involved is a failure of law… that is, the legal system isn’t achieving it’s objective. Creating a new group to deal with these is kind of going around the problem…

    It’d be like creating a tow truck to drag your broken car around all the time :D. Why can’t the car be fixed instead to do what it was intended to do?

  2. Monkey says:

    Nice metaphor insanity. What I am referring to is not just the failure of the law to encourage ethical behaviour when money is concerned, but also to safeguard society from negative emotional behaviour being generated.

    In one of my other posts, I mentioned about the societal trend of ‘getting away with it’ attitude that is particularly prevalent in business and relationships. This has a huge influence on the law.

    The flaws show up when the law consciously discounts influencing factors, such as emotional and emotional damage.

    Maybe the problem is in trying to convert a subjective area like ’emotional damages’ into a monetary value… that could be an area of focus.

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