So now I am becoming part of the machine.

Just found this popunder (which i guess technically is spam) from Adobe. Very catchy thoughts that has me very intrigued.
Here is what it eventually links to:

Which seems to be a big cannon aimed at Apple’s desire to close the web. I have been frustrated with Apple’s apparent ‘need’ to limit people’s freedom when using their software.

I wonder if apple will eventually be forced to change its methods. One of the major weaknesses of open source is this; software is developed one of two ways -through critical mass of interest from the OS community which breeds programmers and developers with good enough abilities to work on the software, or, through the software being adopted or spearheaded by a larger corporation or individual who makes it their responsibility to continue developing the software.

Unfortunately this means that in so many ways open source software can trail in adoption, particularly by the general population.

My fear is companies that push closed standards will win out on the internet in the end, motivated mainly by their vested interests and promise of profits.

just my opinion.

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