God is not the Answer…

God is not the answer.. God is not the one to answer all our problems. God needs us to love ourselves in a constructive way, otherwise the relationship with God becomes dependent on our constant bothering of him for his forgiveness… his forgiveness comes to us not because he needs to give, but because we can’t survive without it. Yes we are weak but we are also able to make decisions about life that affect us… this means we need to take responsibility for our body, our lives, our choices… “what the bleep” implies that we need to take responsibility for all the things that happen in our life… whether we appear to directly create them or through a combination of subconscious and conscious thoughts we become involved in these decisions on a quantum level… whatever that means.

This post is a lot further away now than when it was started. But then, life has moved on.

Honestly, I feel that I’m further from the answers than I have been before. But I think it is more important to ask questions and learn from them.

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