Giving Asian men a fighting chance:

China loves to involve foreigners within it’s country, and invariably mixed relationships have become commonplace. In Shanghai it is no different, there are a lot of Chinese-foreigner connections happening, even though it is only a small part of the population. And some of these connections continue past a fling.

One thing rarer than inter-racial relationships is the opportunities that Chinese men have to find a nice foreign girl to relate to. The balance weighs heavily on the side of Chinese girls with foreign guys.

But I think I have found the answer…

I was having a conversation with a girl about Western and Chinese perceptions of beauty, she felt that she had them both figured out pretty well and could switch between the two. To demonstrate this she proceeded to predict the ‘type’ of girl I would find attractive. Given that I have a broad view of beauty she was still spot on.

The reason I think this is the case is because the west has discovered its Asian flavour of women, the type of Chinese girl that we(men) find beautiful. We love our small geisha-like girls or our freckled Lucy-liu’s with ovoid eyes and incredible smile.

But when thinking about sex symbols for Asian men, hmmm, either Jackie Chan, Jet or Bruce lee. All know how to beat up 10 guys at once which is great for men to admire and girls to feel safe, but sex appeal? Hmm, not from foreign women.

Asian men need to discover their western version of sex appeal. What do women of the west want? Kicking ass is only good when in trouble, not on a date. And all those muscle are great, but nothing compares to deep eyes, a great smile and a sizzling look that says, ‘I want you’.

The key for asian men to discover that combination is through Hollywood. We need to see an Asian actor in a heart throb role in Hollywood without kicking ass, then we might see an increase in foreign women with local men.
Once women see how Chinese men ARE men this will become a reality.

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