We need a better way….

We need a better way to enter data. My latest phone us a Samsung galaxy s2 and it comes with Swype. This keyboard is amazing. But I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to talk about how we interact with everything…. I don’t want to have to touch a screen, I don’t want to have to pick up a wireless keyboard when I want to type on my media station. I want to be able to just work with any device without having to touch it or hold a wireless keyboard or mouse. Well, I have a solution but there is no way that I have the skills to create it. The basic premise is a bluetooth glove that can be used to enter text and thus access other shortcuts within programs.
The biggest difficulty i can see with this idea is that it requires a behavioral change in users, which even with a program as similar to current user behaviour like Swype, can cause tension and ultimately rejection by the users.
Other problems such as my huge gaps in knowledge about hardware and software interacting is also holding this project back. If you can help I can always use the assistance.

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  1. insanity says:

    The problem is, a bluetooth glove will carry the same issue you already face… “I don’t want to have to waste time getting to a point where I can enter data”.

    Potential things that don’t however are voice & image recognition techs (e.g., the Kinect from MS, or Suri for the iPhone). These are really the only feasible technologies that allow you to the escape the “pick up something to interact with the device”.

    We’re not at the point of having the sensitivity or accuracy though for complex tasks such as typing. You could likely support a very basic command set with a pretty decent level of accuracy, but anything more open ended than 4-5 commands is likely to leave you in tears of frustration as the movie continually flips to the next one in your playlist, rather than pausing as you’re trying to instruct it.

  2. Admin says:

    Very true. I would imagine that something like the glove would be a stepping stone device similar to how netbooks exploded just before tablets which are now consuming NetBook sales. I think these technologies can bring about behavioural changes while these other technologies mature. In addition, I don’t think touch typing is the must efficient way to enter data, so training the Kinect or those projected keyboards seems to still depend on an old technology. Another thought, consider the way devices are being built to read sign language, this seems to have a much broader application and can be more efficient than touch typing.

  3. Admin says:

    Look familiar? hahaha. http://gauntletkeyboard.com/ All the best to this crew… I’ve got some suggested improvements, though.

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