My new phone

So I recently bought a Samsung galaxy s2. My previous phone was a hero. I am a fan of HTC sense but don’t want to be too brand centric. Touch sense is the customized ROM and tried it for about a day and then went to my old favourite the ex launcher. Now this feels like home… Now compared to my hero this feels blistering compared. Dual core certainly has helped Android, I heard that the problems with Android’s responsiveness are hardware related…come on guys, lift your game. If you take away the speed then the big difference is the screen size. This phone adds almost an inch in size on the hero and I must say, the screen size makes the right hand of the screen hard to reach. What has changed with my purchase of a large screen phone is my desire does small screen tablet. I’d now much prefer a bigger tablet to accompany my phone, no more 7 inches for me, I want the big tablets! So now my weapon of choice is the Asus transformer prime…let’s DDR where the next few months take me…

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