My First Android App!!!! Transposer

I am sooooo excited to write this as it has been a long process for me. I have developed my first android app. You can try it out here: Transposer FREE

This is actually about the 4th version of this app and has taken maybe 1-2 years for me to complete… Even though I programmed it in 1 day. It seems that programming is like putting together a puzzle, and when things fall into place you’ve really got to run with the results.

This app started out as an idea for a website/program and was first coded badly in Python as I was trying to teach myself how to program. That was ver. 1.0.
Ver. 2.0 came out in Java complete with some semblance of a GUI thanks again to Philip, and was uploaded under an open source license to launchpad.
This was refined and redeveloped as I first learned about manipulating Strings and then started moving into programming with String Arrays, always the core engine, always small improvements. By this stage the goal was to release the app on the Android platform, I owned a Nokia N79…. not even a smartPhone yet! Aaaand, I still got lost in Eclipse and failed miserably at setting up my ADB. The sticking point for me was always the GUI, I hadn’t learned how to set this up in JAVA and couldn’t get my head around WTF a Listener was or how it influenced the program. After having a year and a half to think about programming and exposure to a few other languages and having now moved onto my second android smartphone, the Galaxy S2, I felt compelled to give it another try. To my surprise I managed to get all the components installed and working for ADB with Eclipse. I also managed to get my head around the demo programs of Android and felt ready to create my own. The program came to life and seemed to be functioning well, but now the dreaded GUI issues.

Fortunately, Google had been hard at work while I’d been struggling too and had now implemented a simple drag-drop GUI designer to get the outline of the app. With this out of the way I googled, searched, read, tested, debugged, turned on the flux capacitor and generally hacked my way through time travel… er… GUI design. Amazingly, thanks to anonymous internet friends, the code sort of functioned. And so ver. 3.0 was born. It sat on my computer for 2 months…

Now, 2 days ago I sat down to really nut it out and get the app up onto the market. I purchased my publisher account and waded through the requirements and visual imagery required to make the app marketable. I went back to revisit the code I’d written and saw sloppiness. Having not implemented some sort of SVN-type program for the code I figured the best way to debug it was to delete the unnecessary files…. Seems I deleted the wrong program…

And so, I started from scratch, again. And I’m happy with the result. Its a much cleaner code and seems to function well. The graphics were completed to the low standard of my ability and the app is now uploaded and available. It feels good. But the game is just beginning….. 🙂

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2 Responses to My First Android App!!!! Transposer

  1. insanity says:

    Have we installed bazaar yet? 😛

  2. Admin says:

    insert frowny face…. ugh… I still get lost in that program. Its like medicine -good for you but really don’t enjoy the whole experience.

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