One month on the Android Market

It’s been just over a month now that I’ve been programming apps for the Android market. It has been so much fun, and not because I’ve made lots of money… I think that is still coming. It’s actually so much fun to see a project go from start to finish and watch it grow.

First the money… In my first month I made about $14. That includes about $4 in paid apps and about 22k ads served. It’s not amazing but i’m very excites to go from nothing to this.

My objective is to build a collection of apps fast. Mainly because I have not programmed before and have a lot of ideas about how to build a solid income in the app market. Also my goal is to subsidise and eventually replace my regular income with income online.

So, my plan so far has been to build some core technologies that can be put into a variety of situations quickly and will let me expand apps fast. This seems to be supported by my first month where I have been able to build my user base much faster with multiple apps then with any single app. This is evident through my ‘toolbox’collection, an embarrassingly simple group of apps which at least for the short term is generating some profit. The initial app took about 4 hours to program and each iteration takes under 2.

Once that step has been completed I am looking at how the apps are being accepted, mainly through looking at retention rates and income value and am now focusing on developing those that are most financially valuable to me. With this in mind, my toolbox collection will be put on hold, it seems to have found it’s niche even though each successive iteration gets less attention. Instead I have been focusing on one of the stepping stones to my bigger apps… with the release if my earlier apps all combining now to the release of the beginners massage course, my most involved application to date. It combines most of the elements from all of my previous apps but is also another stepping stone to the full massage course, a behemoth with over 40 lessons.

Instead this month I need to stop watching the stats so closely and focus on study and my next collection of apps… This one has got me rather excited. The goal is for me to release the first version by the end of this month.

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