So now I am becoming part of the machine.

Just found this popunder (which i guess technically is spam) from Adobe. Very catchy thoughts that has me very intrigued.
Here is what it eventually links to:

Which seems to be a big cannon aimed at Apple’s desire to close the web. I have been frustrated with Apple’s apparent ‘need’ to limit people’s freedom when using their software.

I wonder if apple will eventually be forced to change its methods. One of the major weaknesses of open source is this; software is developed one of two ways -through critical mass of interest from the OS community which breeds programmers and developers with good enough abilities to work on the software, or, through the software being adopted or spearheaded by a larger corporation or individual who makes it their responsibility to continue developing the software.

Unfortunately this means that in so many ways open source software can trail in adoption, particularly by the general population.

My fear is companies that push closed standards will win out on the internet in the end, motivated mainly by their vested interests and promise of profits.

just my opinion.

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Forcing the issue.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t force your opinions on me!” in conversation? Possibly directed at you. It is normally said in a way that implies an injustice is being declared because an opinion is being passionately discussed. What is being implied here is that it is fine for a person to have a different opinion, just don’t discuss it with anyone, or don’t share reasons for carrying that opinion.
We have conflicting opinions on varying levels about many topics and with many people, especially with people that share close connections. To not allow someone to have a different opinion to you is considered to be disrespectful, and rightly so… The majority of people realise that they are not the centre of the universe and need to accommodate others around them to exist comfortably.

Forcing an opinion on someone else, I think, happens a lot less then we believe. Where someone actually gets ‘forced’ to accept an opinion is within a situation when a person is actually powerless to do anything except accept that opinion.

The situations that I most hear this phrase used, however, is by competent, intelligent people who are independent in thought and spirit. These are not powerless people. Their response in this situation speaks more volumes about a mind being closed to influence. The risk here is that it can be used to bypass intelligent thought for the sake of suppressing a discussion or topic. There are times when discussions become overwhelming and threatening and it certainly is reasonable to cease the conversation if you wish, but trotting out this phrase does not improve the situation.

There is a big lie that is being covered up by the phrase, “Don’t force your opinions on me.” That lie is that by stopping the conversation, the opinion doesn’t have an effect, or that by not entering into a discussion about any of these opinions that it ceases to affect. This is definitely not true!!!
In fact, by refusing to discuss a particular topic or issue, what is effectively being said is, “I will force my opinion on you and I won’t give you an avenue to communicate how this affects you.” The act of talking about these topics is not and should not be an issue.

The truth that I see around me is we all accommodate and tolerate different opinions, even the ones we don’t have to. By talking about them we can figure out which issues are important and then can either be better understood and so better accommodated or identified as areas of work for both people to maintain a successful community together.

what a rant today…

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Reasonable and unReasonable

It seems to be the destiny of reasonable people to ‘understand’ and tolerate fools. Why are we so understanding of those that hurt us? We almost trap ourselves into paralyzing inaction about doing anything that could even hint at our own loss of character, and get taken advantage of because of it. In Christianity we focus on forgiveness first, but we are so quick to forgive for our own piece of mind and rarely investigate and thoroughly process how we are actually affected by situations.

I would say, for the most part we don’t want to think about the ‘bad’ stuff and so try to suck it up and get over it as quickly as possible. I don’t think that is the best way to figure things out… what are we missing?

Couple that with a nieve understanding of judgement when in truth we make judgements about things all the time, in every day life. We have to to survive. Judgements about friendships, about business decisions, about how to react to situations in life. But we don’t judge the big things… or if we attempt to then the accused trump out their self righteous belief that they, for some reason, should not be judged and we are less of a person for doing so.

The truth is, at some point, those perpetrators made a judgement about our ‘reasonableness’ and decided that, they, for whatever reason could get away with it. And then what… when they don’t get away with it, or they get called on it by reasonable people -suddenly they feel oppressed and judged.

Transference by them? Possibly. Okay to do? Don’t think so.
All I know is that you should never shy away from making the difficult call just because you would risk repercussions.

It’s amazing how information, honesty and truth reveal unreasonable people for who they really are. Don’t be silent while unreasonable people continue to be that.

I read a quote somewhere about WWII that summarized things this way.
The greatest crimes in Germany were not just committed by the perpetrators… but by the silence of reasonable people.

I never want to be that person.

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Why aren’t personal ethics more of an influencing factor in legal cases?

It seems that far to many people spend lots of time doing things that are ‘legal’ but that really aren’t ‘ethical’.

By ethical i mean choices made for the good of others. I would love to see ethics become a separate arm of the law that can help ensure people are always working for a greater good. With ethical standards that can be debated in a similar way that law is but that can still be enforceable. Too often it seems that the law fails when big money is involved.

I consider that having an authoritative body focused purely on enforcing the attitudes of people and not just the legalities would help discourage those who would flaunt the legal system.

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Another Reality series -lol… Jump on the band wagon

So, I was walking home from work in Shanghai and I was passed by a man on a motorcycle. He was carrying goods to deliver to a customer and it got me thinking.

There is a bible verse that goes something like this,  ‘To those who are faithful with little, much will be given…’

And then it struck me… It might be kind of cool to have a tv show where small business owners or small teams of people can compete to win a much larger business and an opportunity to work in a substantially larger company -applying the methods that makes their small business successful.

It would involve observing the contestants in their small enterprises and noting the skills that make them successful there. Then those skills can be matched with bigger and bigger tasks until the winner gets to look after their own company.

Ta-dah 🙂

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HTC Hero and its ups and downs

My wife just bought me a HTC Hero for my birthday. What a cool gift, right? Well, originally I was pretty seriously set on buying an Iphone but at the 11th hour the HTC Hero was released… It was cheaper and I’d read some good reviews about. The moment I fell in love was when I got to use one for the first time in a Vodaphone store at Hong Kong’s IFC. The HTC Sense User Interface is beautiful to look at and use, and unlike the Iphone, already this system is super customizable -without jailbreaking or any other sort of hack.

There are many great reviews about the HTC on the web which you can find, so I just wanted to share my piece about the Hero briefly.

Pros: Beautiful and CUSTOMIZABLE interface, there are other home systems like PandaHome available as well as the default google android and HTC Sense. The android market is starting to come into its own. There are slicker apps arriving on the scene for purchase and free access which will continue to add value to the phone and its android OS as time passes. It is also a sexy device… so many comments.

Cons: Internal memory seems to be filling up -and I’ve only had the device for 2 months. I think it has something to do with running the phone for a few days and the caching that takes place. Sometimes also the phone will slow down very badly… I’ve taken to being stricter on programs that hog resources. I do enjoy installing all sorts of apps to try out and so know that I am bringing some of this lag on myself. This is still something I am looking forward to improving as the programming of the apps gets better and lighter for the OS.

this is by far the best phone I have owned and I would recommend it for anyone who wants to see where the future of these devices is heading. Especially good if you like to mess with what your devices are capable of.


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APN details for Accessing GPRS in China with HTC HERO

I’ve been searching this for a great many weeks. I recently purchased the new HTC Hero from Hong Kong. (not available in mainland China yet).

When I went to call up China Mobile to get some sort of instructions I was not given much help. With much messing around and finally a generous shop owner on Hongmei Road helped me figure out these details.

So, In your HTC Hero you need to go to your ‘Mobile Network Settings’ page and select ‘Access Pint Names’

Then, these are your details:

Name: (whatever you want)

APN: cmnet


Port: 80

Username: <Not set>

Password: <Not set>

Server: <Not set>

MMSC: <Not set>

MMS proxy: <Not set>

MMS port: <Not set>

MMS protocol: WAP 2.0

MCC: 460

MNC: 02

APN type: <Not set>


Once you have those details inserted and saved. Enable your Mobile Network and you should see a new icon along the top of the screen for the ‘Edge’ system. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll get excited.

Oh, and the new HTC Hero kicks ass.

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My Opinion on Car Repair and Parts

My opinion is that car companies should ‘open source’ their car parts. By completely open sourcing their designs and methods they would be encouraging a huge level of innovation across the board.

That is a huge dream, which I imagine will not become a reality in the near future. Given that most manufacturers are only able to protect their investment by patenting their designed systems.

So…. how about this as a simpler system.

Create almost an API for car parts… This would be a tool that could be used to manufacture parts either the tool itself or just a set of plans for other people to put together. This tool should fit the majority of car panels available for the model of car its made for to allow for flexibility in creation and a simple building system.

This would allow other businesses to be involved with efficiently manufacturing and improving parts (similar to how a computer is built with industry standard connectors) and focus your time on the design and efficiency. Where I can see this being particularly useful is with car panels.

What would be necessary for success would be generic ‘building block’ type panels and a simple, cheap, light and strong generic material for making the panels from. I am not very good at mechanical compounds but maybe something like fibre glass or a polymer that will harden when dry.

A big advantage of this process is that parts don’t need to be manufactured to estimate demand. You need a part, it gets manufactured right there in the shop or at the local manufacturer who manufactures ALL the available panels possible, in single units if needed.

Allowing smaller businesses into this space will mean the best research can get done. Smaller companies working together instead of one big company hoarding secrets. Think about one company focusing entirely on dashboard design or polymer materials for harder and safer panel material.

Is this type of business possible? Feasible? desirable?

I dunno, its just my opinion.


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Dear Company. pt 1

My dream company: -community style. pt 1.

I love work that is flexible. I love, also, working on projects that I have a say in.

With that in mind I wanted to share some basic ideas about a company that I would like to work in.

step 1. no employees… well, as such. There would be no full-time employees within this business. People will instead be able to commit to a project as they see tasks come up.

step 2. profit sharing… there will be some overheads… but funds will be raised monthly and distributed monthly… that should help encourage contribution. People working on tasks will earn percentage points of profit for that month. There are many other sub ideas of this process… things like carrying project points into the next month as well as resting points the following year.

step 3. outsourcing… some things can be outsourced but all this is related to the community run company. Members of the community can vote to decide if a feature needs to be done inhouse or outsourced. Extra weighting can be given to members who have been involved for longer.

Considered Points:

Requires fast development to maintain value for employees.

Using Agile processes as a basis but using a lot of community-based decision making systems to run the project.

Pros: Freedom, freedom, freedom. Can’t work full-time this week? Cut down your hours. Maintain the contribution for the money that is being created.

Training would be self-directed. People contribute where they wish, and would learn and contribute at the same time.

Open source technology. Open source business…

Cons: high turnover of people coming to be involved.

quite a complex set of business issues to be waded through, in particular, contract management.

Product life development related to vision and community

The system can be ‘gamed’ and needs some advanced methods put in place to limit this possibility.

I’m never very good at thinking of ‘cons’ when I’m excited by an idea…

The next step of this company could be a sort of ‘public’ float. It seems that something like this already being done here

Feel free to contribute.


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Dear Facebook.

Dear Facebook,

Here is how I think you can make more money.

You can become a major player in micropayments. Onsite and around the web.

So much of your product is based around people and interaction, it seems you need to encourage people to spend money on your site without realising it.

People have already proven that they will purchase purely digital products -You have had limited success with your ‘gifts’ app and the people at Second LIfe have built a whole economy around it.

What you can focus on specifically is turning people’s facebook account into a miniature credit account, operating and making payments in fractions of a cent rather then cents. and making your profit from similarly small transaction fees.

We could certainly use a service like this around the web. Something that allows for donations or payments for digital items within facebook or content on other web pages. You would be free to offer regular prices as well but could offer the micropayment as a cheaper form of transaction -cheaper for all involved.

The next step for this could be to look at turning the facebook account into a passport for other websites, allowing developers to collect payments through their facebook micropayment account as well as make tiny payments. There is something like this on the web that automatically shuffles things around within currencies, limiting the conversion fees for transactions across different currencies across the world. Who knows, maybe facebook will become the first ‘world currency’.

If you were to create a service like this you would be able to instantly connect with a huge crowd of subscribers necessary to help the service gain momentum quickly. By following the format that you have currently with other developers such as releasing an API and working with developers to expand the capabilities of this element.

Now I am not well versed in financial institutions, I know that banks charge for each transaction as a metric. It would seem that one of the keys to limiting charges would be to bring the computation needed for each of the transactions in-house to be computed once every 24hrs.

Of course the first thing you would see is the importance of security to a setup like this, but if anyone can do this, you guys can.

I’d love for any of these ideas to help you stumble across the cash cow you have been looking for within facebook. Purely for my own enjoyment.

Just my 2 cents.

best of luck.

Matthias Peitsch.

p.s. I hope you would take any part of this letter and use it if it is useful. I do not want money nor anything legal. I consider this idea to be available to use without recognition or acknowledgement or legal requirements of any kind.

On a personal note, if you do find this helpful in any way I would LOVE a thankyou that I could hang on my wall. 🙂

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